Tuesday, 9 July 2013

CMS - Chameleon

For a long time I have been interested in these £500 jackpot video screen fruit machines. The only problem is, they cost too much money to play!

I noticed a  CMS Chameleon on a popular advertising website so made contact and struck a deal for it.

It was advertised with having 5 games which were classic roulette, haunted house, eggstra cash, casino poker and Chinese whispers.

So I have the machine and 5 games to play. Should keep me entertained for a while then.

The games are very simple, no holds, no nudges and no feature board. They are all very similar with features and bets.

You can play the games with 10 lines or 20 lines at 5p each. So 50p or £1 a spin. The clever part is once you have spun, if you win you can then do super bets upto £10 a spin on the fruits and poker and upto £100 a spin on roulette. What's even better is you can play one game and win, you can exit and go into another and use the super bets on that game instead. So I played haunted house, go a good feature, came out and went into roulette and sure enough, I could put a £100 bet down, provided I couldn't win more than £500 in 1 spin. So about £13.75 on a number is the max. You can do £100 on red/black/odd/even and so on.

The cabinet is very tidy. It really does look great. It came with a top box that was not fitted as it makes the overall height of the machine almost 2 meters. A very simple open the cab up, feed the wires from the top box through the hole in the top on the cab, bolt the top box down and plug it in.

So, I get the machine in the test menu and I spy add other games. I load up the sub menu and I can add 2 other games, fun fair and samurai. All I need to do is take a game off and replace with the new game, turn the 'stats' key and save. Where's the 'stats' key?

On the right hand side on the cab there are 2 locks. The bottom I the refil key and the top is the 'stats' key. Only problem is, I have no 'stats' key. A refil key fits this lock but it will not turn. I unplugged the wires from the refil key and replaced with the wires from the 'stats' key. I then took off casino poker and added fun fair, turned the key and a little 'save' message came up, hit that and I had a new game!

So overall I have 7 games on the cab but I believe there are around 15 for it.

The games are stored on a standard sd card that is plugged into the motherboard. The format for this card is CMS's own because I took the sd card out, stuck another in with some files I got from a member on the mpu mecca and got a message telling me the format for the card is basically wrong. It's something I need to look into.

Overall, for the money I paid for this unit, I am more than happy with what I have. It has also really opened my eyes to how much these machine take from the people who play them! The basic payout % is 88% but that does rise to 94% if you play £10 a go. Sounds good yes? Well, no. I have also in the past owned a Reflex Fortune 500. This could be played on £10 all the time, just put your money in and press start. £10 a go. Thing is, it paid out 98%. Now, 4% does not sound much but over the lifespan of a video fruit machine..... we are talking thousands!

You will also find this cab had £70 jackpot games. I have seen it in a couple of pubs so will have to venture in to investigate and gets some photos and videos!

From the image you will see a couple of games that are on £500. Would be interesting to see how these play.

I can make out Cash Deck(?) and Keno. Not seen either of these on £500 but my search continues.

The other 3 are Haunted House, Eggstra Cash and Chinese Whispers. All these are on my cab.

I have also found a photo with a menu that has 6 games in, instead of 5. Would be very handy. 5 is good but, hell, i'd have a menu that held 10! Would make life so much easier.

6 games. I have all these games on my Chameleon. Just want that menu!

Here's a few pics I have found dotted about the internet of various other games for this cab. Mainly found on the cms website.

Casino Poker.

Fun Fair.

Haunted House.

 Super Stars.

Tic Tac Toe.

Then you have Eggstra Cash, Chinese Whispers and Classic Roulette.

There was also a game called Pacman and also a crazy Frog Football game.

From what I remember the Pacman game was similar to Haunted House, just the 1 feature. It also had £10 super bets like the other games.

This pic is just a video still from content on youtube. I do remember it though in the Section 16 days.

The other is Football Crazy 500. Now I have never seen or heard of this one. It appears to be in it's own cabinet so there's a good chance it may not be in a multi game cab.

If you are reading this and know of any other games, please get in touch with me. If you have any photos or videos, again, please contect me so I can update this post.

There is also a game called Magnificent 777′s. I have no information on this at all.


So another just turned up on gumtree. This times it's the £70 jackpot version. I has 5 games installed, 4 of which are on mine but £500 instead of £70.

Captain Jack.

Eggstra Cash.

Haunted House.


Fun Fair.

Now a set of £70 games really would appeal to me. If anyone has any information on this, please get in touch :-)


So, I have now copied my sd card to my pc so I have a copy of all my games including the menu backed up. There was also a manual included so after having a read up I can change games to Cat C/£35 jackpot.

Very simple process, 2 banks of switches, bank 1 and bank 2. On bank 2, set switches 1 and 2 off and the games become £35! Put them back on and it's £500 again. I only had to put switch 1 off and 2 was already off.

Still, happy days!

After a play about on each game the Casino Poker really comes to life now. Now when you win a hand you get a hi/lo instead of an auto collect! Excellent!

So, if you are reading this and have a CMS machine like mine. Lets get a database of these old games. I am more than willing to share what I have. Are you?


If anyone owns a CMS multi game machine please get in touch, I now have several sd card images. Very good chances I have games you might not have.


  1. Hi I've got one of these with some different games so if you fancy swapping a copy of our SD cards please get in touch. Aidy_t@yahoo.com

  2. Hi, I have a £70 5in1 machine. Fantastic article, would be greatful if you could drop me an email adam@dj9.eu

    1. If anyone else has one of these machine, please email



  3. hi I have one of these and the sd card has gone poop could you email me a copy of yours would be a great help if you could thanks

  4. Hi everyone. It does appear that games will only work with the correct security chip. Mine is a fireball board with a fireball menu.

  5. Hello everyone. I have just been given one of these machines but the sd card was missing. any help would be welcomed aand really appreciated.

  6. I have just purchased one of these, and can't wait to see how it plays, i think it only has 5 games on it, so would be overjoyed if you could share your extra games.

  7. I have one of these, but the graphics card is in its way out. I have bought another but that was dead, anyone know where I can get another graphics card? Really miss playing this :-(