Tuesday, 18 February 2014

CMS - Chameleon. Featuring 'Roulette'

The roulette game was a big plus on this machine for me. There is always a temptation to have a small flutter on the devils wheel but these days it's just not for me.

This is not quite bookies style roulette. The CMS roulette can only be played on £1 a go. Once you have hit a winning bet you can then super bet you bet upto £250! Originally I though I could only go to £100 but after a bit of reading up and a couple of setting changed, £250. So you can lumps £250 on any double up bet like red/black/odd.even.

Here's £250 going on black!

This is the one ting that is different to bookies roulette. On those you can only bet upto £100 a spin, but these £100 spins can be done at anytime.

I set myself a challenge. I wanted to start with just £1 and work my way to £500. This took several attempts. Each attempt was a simple small outside bet, whether it be a number or a split. The video would then start from this point. So each video has had alot of losing bets before I finally hit!

Attempt 1.

£1 on the nose of 17. It hits and following up with various bets across the table and miss!

Attempt 2.

A better run for my money here. £1 on 32 to set me on my way. £35 of that on the middle line of numbers and I hit here to treble the £35 to £105. £100 of this straight onto red! It hits! I think I am going to do this sooner than I thought. £100 now onto black and it misses! Rebet the £100 on black and it hits to bring me back again. So rebet £100 on black again and it misses, so do it gaain and it misses again! Dam, down to £5, £5 on 0 and I go bust!

Attempt 3.

A different approach this time, a 4 way split and I hit 18. This only gives me £9. I then do some more splits and hit again to bring me up to £27. More splits and I go bust again!

Attempt 4.

More starting splits for £9. Even more splits for £27.  More splits and it bust yet again!

Attempt 5.

Back to £1 on numbers. Hitting 12 for £36. Moving on quick I do various £2 bets across the table and hit for £72! Doing the same bet again topping up all those £2 bets I miss..

Attempt 6.

Again, £1 on 17 to start me off with £36. Again placing various £2 bets across the table and hit for £72 again. Rebetting again and topping up the table it's another miss.

Attempt 7.

Trying something else with just a 2 number split. Hitting here for £18. Placing various £1 bets I hit for £36. Rebetting and topping up it's another miss!

Attempt 8.

Starting with the 2 number split it's a hit and £18 for starters. Scattering £1 bets across the table it hits for £36. Rebetting and topping up it hits again for £72. Another rebet and more topping up it hits for £90. Rebet and top up. Hit a good number with £5 on it. £180 now to play with. Rebet and topup to the £100 max bet the table is currently set to. It hits a £3 number to give me £188. Go straight for the kill with some heavy £9 numbers with a few get out of jail £2s but miss everything! Do some huge £25/£35 splits but bust out again!

Attempt 9.

Back too £1 numbers I hit for £36. Random £1s with small splits. I thit but for money back £36. Rebet and it hit the £1 with splits for £63. Rebet and top up and hit good for £126. £100 bet now placed it hits a bad number for £36 back and a bank roll of just £62. So £60 on red, miss and the £2 on 0 and it's game over again.

Attempt 10.

Starting with a £36 hit. Various £2 across the table for £72. Rebet and double up and hit for £162. £100 max bets now and a rebet and top up and hit for £180 bring me to £242. Rebet the £100 and it misses! Rebet and this time it hit for £216 giving me £258 all in all. £100 on black then...... hits! £358, the highest I have been. £100 back on black and it hits! Nearly there £458 now. Several small £1 bets to get to £500 but misses.. 3 £1 bets to set me up for a straight £60 on black to hit exactly £500 and it hits!

Challenge. Complete.

All in all, it's great to mess about with roulette. As long as it's risk free!

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