Friday, 23 May 2014

Rainbow Riches - Pure Pot Marathon LIVE! November 2013!

FruitVideos and Buddylove4000 do the Pure Pot marathon, 14th + 15th November 2013.

Pull up a chair, grab some beer. Get ready for over 2 hours of live £20 ultra spins pure pot videos!

Day 1

After a bit of playing about with Rainbow Riches Pure Pots me and Buddylove decide to do a 2 day route. Going from bookies to bookies targeting Pure Pots on £20 ultra spins. Our only rule were the silver needed to be big. Well, £200 would be nice but we would have a crack at a lower if the gold was massive or even if the bronze was high. As it only pays pots, 3 high pots should be worth a shot. Well, might be. You'll see.

The route was a big one. a 400 mile round trip, checking a couple of hundred bookies, 4 units in each! We decided on a long route as you just don't see the high silvers. The bigger the coverage, the higher the hit rate.

So, Thursday 14th. Alarm goes off at 7am. That's a lay in for me. I get to his at 8:45 because the traffic is so bad. Morning traffic is the worst!

Our first stop is a small independent bookies. Not all the bookies have this game. Ladbrokes and Coral. With the odd independent thrown in for good measure. Small town, and it's not open until 10am. Great. 20 mins fucking about on our phones. These 20 mins seem like a lifetime. Just want to get started. We have had some decent results over the last 2 weeks and with a good 400+ unts to get through, it really could be a record breaking day.

Finally 10am and we're in for doors. Check the units, crap, crap, crap....... then a slice of luck. Some good pots. Not the best but good. If we didn't have to wait we might have just left. We had to wait so we too it on.

Excellent. A nice little raise to start with. Nothing like a profit on one of these. If you get a brains units first, you could be game overed before it even starts.

So, we move on. Not much here bookie wise. We spy a couple of massive golds but both paired with terrible silvers. Didn't take long to get round this town.

So, we move on. A couple of bookies and another independent. A little trek to get there from where we are but that's how the next two days are going to be. After getting there and finding a space we check laddies with no joy and then another for even less joy. Onto the independent and again, no more joy there.

So, off we go and first up, a very tucked out the way Coral. We go in and we have more reset units, 3 out of the 4. 1 is not though and it's £160 silver and amid £400 gold. Now we are in minus! £160 silver and a mid £400 gold it is then. But what's this, someones now on the unit and playing something else. Excellent. Wait about 20 mins for the chap to finish doing his brains before we might do ours. These pots are not ideal. In fact, after the 2 dayer, it was suicide.

How good was that!

So now, skip in step, big bank roll. Can now aford to have a brains unit and stay afloat :)

So, off we go elsewhere.

This is another dingy Coral set in another block of shops. I mean jesus Coral. You really are taking the piss with some of these locations. It's like they just prey on the poor. Twats. Still, 1 unit free and good pots all round. Chap next to me is doing £100 spins on the devil wheel. Another unit comes free but shit pots there too. So, load up the ultra spins and away we go.

Get the mother fuck in there! Now the bank roll is building nicely. We can brain out and still be in plus now!We do hang about for a few more minutes but notes start going in the other units so off we go! In fact, off we go to a city centre!

So, a few to get round here, it's all on foot so it's walking round the town. We find a laddies. Weird. 3 of the 4 units have a in the £170s silver and almost £300 gold. We take on the one out of three that has the biggest matching pair, load up the ultras and start feeding the notes in, and more, then more, and even start, yep, you got it. Started loading our brains in!

Ohh dear. Why the fuck did we play that. Greed, that's why. We felt invincible and paid the highest price and taking a £500 loss on it. Not for the faint hearted. Great. Might have a small profit now but losing £500 in anything feels like you have been kicked in the bollocks.

Nevermind. It's early afternoon on day one. We have taken a chance on two units. One was good the other very bad. Check the others with no joy so back to the car with the postcode for the next one in. On the way out we spy another Laddies so find a space and check. Crap, crap, crap, crap. Don't mind that. No drink, no heat. Just in and out. Spy a rainbow riches £70 pub machines so go in for it. Glass of coke and check the select. If select is going to £1.50 i'll have it. Now right after you have done brains you don't want a play up. Well, play up on the cards. We have a new record for a bonus on £1. Fifty fucking quid. For fuck sake. Of course select is now going to £2.50 because it's letting me have runaway trail. But as luck would have it. I get my reward the very same board for a small raise. We spy a couple of crown jewels but can't be arsed with them.

So, more postcodes in and we finally find another good looking unit. Loading up the ultras again we start feeding the beast.

So a nice 4 pot feature and goodies what ever happens with both pots similar.

Still in outskirts and another high silver is found with a almost £300 gold. Desperation sets in and we take it on.

Now we are talking. Back on track. Recovery is now happening. Float growing.

So, finally moving on.

We are greeted here with a £170 silver/ £400 gold and £100 bronze. No pot for some time then so take this one too.

So paid off with second set pots for more profits!

From here we find another. We played and looked at so many I can say what the pots were but whatever it was we took this one on. Didn't get a vid for some reason but basically we get £90 of win from the reels and then to round it off pots too for a low broze but £117 as it was first ultra spins set.

So the bank roll is pretty much recovered at this point to pre brains and now sitting at roughly £650-£700 in profit thanks to some added fruits.

So we are happy. Could have been well over a grand up if we had made better calls but that's gambling.

So here so off we go! But first things first. Book the premier inn. £68 for the room.

We get to Kettering. We spy a coral and some very good looking pots. Video not for the faint hearted.

That'll be -£700 then!

Or dear. Now this can happen and it had to happen now. That bad I gave up on filming it all. With out looking I think it was 8 bronze and then the silver for an estimated £700 down. Wow. Just after booking the room too. If we hadn't booked the room we might well have just fucked off home at this point. It was a very hard on to take. Been a very long tine since we have lost that kind of money in anything. You just go to push on. It getting late. Bookies are now game over for today.

Get in the car and head for some sleep. Need sleep and a fresh head. We got this all over again tomorrow! Count up on the way and we are £20 down for the day, not including the room for £68 and about £20 of fuel. Realisticly, £110 down. Sign into the prem inn, plug the laptop in and watch the 5 pots vid, then put everything on charge and sleep. Well, I stick my head phones in and watch Chuck :/

day 2

Alarm goes off at 7am, yep a lay in for me again :)

So pack everything away and get ready for another day of ups and down.

First stop is spoons. Breakfasts unless reflexes or bank job gold clones floats your boat. There was a bankers offer there too but so what. The breakfast was shit. One of the worst I have had from a spoons. Ate some and had a wonder while Buddy finished his. I clocked the opening times of the bookies and they were all around 9am. Coral was 8:30 but all no good. Had some results from that shop a week earlier so didn't have much hope. Just an independent that was closed when we were here last. Go in, crap, crap, crap, crap. Great start. Nothing played. Put head into the arcade and there's a pure pots and it a massive £266 silver and a mid £300 gold. Chairs are pulled up and we get £50 in and we get a £50 roll in. Keeps us playing it. £32 left in credit and it happens. Pots. Silver! a £300 collect and a      £250 profit. No vids, won't do them in arcades.

So off we go. We have also been here and had some good results so don't expect to find much. Our only hope is a high silver that was here last week but it gave a bronze and it pied straight to £300 thus leaving the big silver. Well, silver is now £101 so that's that.

Off we go to. We hoped to get here to stay. Very fond memories of this place. When I bough a machine 2 years ago we stopped here on the way back and it was mental. Nobody was coming here and everything was huge. It was a 50 machine route of mists/perfects/megas/banker bonuses. They were everywhere.

Not to far from our destination. We turn off to check a Coral near an old favorite that used to have a deadmans with all the reel bulbs out. Was a great unit. The pub is now a tescos and the coral is just up from it. Go in and spy big pots. The perfect unit. Big silver in £234 and a £419 gold. This should be easy right?

Yep, and nice chuck back of £190 up which added to the +£250 from the arcade is making yesterday seem easier and better.

So, into the city centre and nothing, just crap pots, nothing even tempting.

More post codes go in, more shit pots. More codes, more shit pots. Find a few that will be worth a revisit in a couple of weeks but that was that. We then stumble into a £170 silver £500 gold and £101 bronze. Take this beast on then.

Again, another mega brains and again. Give up filming. It is sick though. We came off it £400 worse off but I do wish the film kept rolling. We finally get a pot, which was after £700-£750 in may I add and it's silver. Now what? I'll have a few spins on £2. Well, it rolls in £125, bank a load and pie straight to £500 and it only bloody lands. We have £550 in the bank now so about £200 down. I really should have counted my pocket. I still have £550 in there so still up £200 and a few coins all in all. But no. We plough on and it's £400 back for another silver and then 2 lots of ultra spins later for the bronze and a now £350 bank. Should have walked with the £550 but greed set in. It won't next time!

Next, So off we go!

We get here about an hour later, 40 miles from one to the next to be greeted with free spaces as it's after 6:30. Park up and walk in, check an arcade, check a laddies. No good. Find another laddies and are presented with the most perfect pots you could ask for again!

Out of this world! This was the last unit we played and the route saved the best til last. That was £60 in for £524.50 back.

Now, one more here but it's right up the hill. Get the walk on. This hill is no ordinary hill. It goes on and on and on. Get to the top and need a day off. Walk to the coral and crap, crap, crap, crap. But see 2x5ps in the payout tray of one so winning! lol

Right, back down the hill and into gala. Shit gala, one of the worst.

Back to the car and now it's a possible last stop. We can just about make it. Only about 20 miles and make it with ease. 2 bookies here but crap all round. Growing pots so revist soon. Grab some food, not eaten since that shitty spoons brekky and choose another route. This route is the route home.

Thanks for reading!


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