Friday, 19 February 2010

FruitVideos in High Def.

As of 2010 FruitVideos has gone HD!

The clips will be shorter due to the size of them (about 120meg a minute!) but the quality of video and sound will be full 1080p!

I have already uploaded a few to the channel, keep checking back for new videos! Will be getting as many as possible, especially old machines that won't be around due to them breaking down etc :-)

Here is a short clip of Astras Ring A Bell. This was filmed in good light. It makes a difference with good light!

This is Union Gameses Pure Madness, although filmed in the same arcade, the lighting in this part was alot worse and the video shows this..

Still, even in bad light the quality is right up there!

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Stay tuned to FruitVideos and the world of HD!!!!!