Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cool Games - Billy The Quid.

Not that long ago I bought this machine from Advance Leisure on ebay. Cheap machine really for a £35 jackpot machine.

First impressions were, great machine, wow, loads going on etc. I still feel the same. There really is so much going on and so many ways to win some money on this machine.

There are alot of feature not worth the time and a handful that are worth keeping an eye out for! Blue features aren't that great,

But, the red feature had some great results!

you will see in the above clip there are a few hidden gems! My favorite had to be Big Chief 4. A true skill pick of the top 4 wins, including the BTQ streak! This is also ow I got my first £105 on this machine.

Other than that there are several other streak to be had.

Personally, with it being my machine I only go for the BTQ streak. Don't mind if its red or blue. Had £105s from each.

The machine does seem to have similar routes it likes to take. When starting on the feature, if you have a bonus get rid of it right away. Having add again is bad. If you go into the middle with it you'll then have taxi, which give you an advantage. The machine will bock the middle if you keep add again.

Once you have lost this hit start. Without the add again alot of the time it spins a 9, straight into the middle. Then from here it could go anywhere but I have noticed alot of the time the next move is an 8, straight to the bonus which is ironic as you now have your taxi! Right, from this point use your taxi right away and try to get the 3 super sots next to the bonus. Hold down cancl to slow things down. Retake the bonus if it keeps blocking the super shots. Once you have the super shots and have used them go lower than the 8. Crazy I know but it's wins 98/100 of the time! Once you have taken these then spin on. It's anyones guess from this point but with 4 shuper shots knocked out you stand a real good chance of the BTQ streak, well, more than before. Alot of the time it will boot you back on the outside. Just hope that you survive and land on the arrow back in to the bonus next to the super shots. Only gamble on 1+2+3 and 10+11+12 here. It will still kill you off sometimes but it's you best shot!

This machine does have an invincible mode aswell. Easy to see, the name at the top just keeps flashing away! See video!

Another nice thing is you can play multi stake. 10p for 1 line, 30p for 5 and 50p 5 lines and all numbers in view! The top streak can be had off the 10p stake which is nice to know! See video!

The excellent thing about owning the machine is the way you can force it. Just stick loads in and take nothing. Then play away a machine that is so happy you will find it very hard not to win! Check this clip out!

It does seem you can trap the machine. Setting up an active rewind, which can only be had from the ouside and taking it there and then getting yourself on the 2 super shots. Once you spinaway from the shots rewind back to them! You can rewind back from ? aswell.

Active rewind is great to have and use. The machine will try to boot you out of the middle but the machine can loop in a way which is quite funny! Having a good number to gamble on is the key. Any other lower number and it would have probably killed me!

A good machine for home use, not so great in the arcades and pubs. Play totally different at home. Board costs aren't too much etc. If I seeone and try for a board it's always too costly and it never offers me too much. Maybe if I can find some time to delve deeper into the machine I might perfect it. This is the plan. Nothing better than buying a machine for home use and working out exactly how to play it and go out and win some money!

There are plenty more videos of this on my youtube channel, so have a search in the channel for them!

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