Thursday, 12 March 2009

Global - Hi Spirits.

I have so many fond memories of this machine. A few years ago one of my local arcades had it in in 30p £25. It was such a good earner!.

The machine itself looked really good. The sounds are great and the gameplay was really fair, even if you didn't know what was going on. If you kept forcing out for the top it would eventually give naturally or via a red board. See video!

Most of the time though it was best to head towards 2 different features, super hold and seven stepper.

Super hold was great, not only could you snag jackpot and high wins like red seven but you could take it and reboard for a much better set up. You could reboard so many times in a row. If nothing was there, nudge in the feature enrty symbols and take super hold, hold them on the winline and hope something else is closer. en a £5er would be enough for me. There was nothing better though than snagging a jackpot. Sometimes it would even only be a couple of nudges away and considering super hold was the second feature up, easy as. See video!

Another thing to go for with super hold was the hidden features. Getting the red lines was easy via super hold. This would give you a chance at a true skill hit or a random one. The true skill was indeed true skill and the top feature could be had like this. See video!

The other feature to look out for was seven stepper. This is a great feature. £8 or £15 wins could be had very easily here. You had to know your reels but it's not as hard as you think.

Reel 1. The red 7 was above the blue 7 with the feature symbol on it. The other 7 on the reel was blue and it had a red box overlaid on it. The blue 7 with the feature symbol is above that.

Reel 2. Real easy one. The red 7 is above the jackpot symbol and the blue above that then all the way back round to the red one again.

Reel 3. Just like reel 2, the red 7 is above the jackpot symbol and another red one above that. Then the blue. As long as the blue 7 was below the winline you were safe there!

If you took it and messing it up then bad move, £2 and you were quite high up. To be fair there not that much worth taking above seven stepper. If you wasn't going for that you were all out for the top.

This machine also did swap holds. Swap holds were great if you got what it meant. Hold any 2 symbols once, then again and on the 3rd time if you got a matching symbol spin in you swapped over for the 3rd hold. Didn't really work with anything above £5. If the machine was in a state where it did you have done something seriously wrong!

Unfortunatley this machine is unemulated and not likely going to be within the distant future. A 'reel' shame as Global made some fantastic machines back then. Not many but there were a few gems!

All in all, a really good machine. When perfected pleany of profit to be had!

However, do bear in mind. On 5p/10p £5 jackpot. Don't bother. The board costs are way too high and the rips are harder to get. The gamble sucks on the £5 aswell.

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