Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An old Barcrest Trick!

Back when Barcrest were churning out £70 jackpot pub machines they were making them with tricks rolled in. Obviously programmed in.

This trick was one of the best! It was really good as the machine had been 'cloned' several time over. They were Rob Da Bank, Starwars A New Hope and Rainbow Riches. There was a further clone Pacman Power Up but that came out after the trick had been 'chipped' out.

It was very simple. The machine had to be on reset reels (Just turned on or not been played since it had been switched on). You could gamble and go with it if it was early in the day but that was waaaay to risky!

This was called the 'Superhold'.

The machine could be played on either 25p, 50p or £! a go. When they were on £35 jackpot it was just 25p and 50p. The £1 was added on when they got upgreaded to £70 jackpots.

So, you walk upto the machine, see the reset reels. You put 25p in and changed stake to 25p. The you would put in 50p and change upto 50p. Press start and change back down to 25p. You would do this over and over and eventually the reels would shuffle into the reset reels again, just like what was showing when the machine was just switched on. You would put in 50p, change stake to 50p and wham! It would offer a superhold! What's better is....... jackpot was there with that superhold!

If you had units to yourself, this could happen very cheap. I have had it do it first and second 50p spins, so £1.25 and £1.75 in for £70 each time. But when they were getting done by other it would cost around £45 but still, a very easy £25 profit! Only draw back was, if it got done over and over it would critical alarm! This is what killed the trick in the end.

So now in 2013, this trick will not work so don't try it. Well, you can try it but it won't work. No doubt there are a few left in the world that work but it has been a very time time since I have seen one. If one ever turned up and 'worked', it usually got critical alarmed.

If you had no 50ps, you could do it with £1s by doing £1 spins and then changing down to 25p. 50ps were alot better, you made twice as much!

Rainbow Riches. (17)

Starwars. (5)

Rob Da Bank. (4)

As you can see, so plainly obviously coded in. Someone made a lot of money from this!

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