Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Another old Barcrest Trick!

In the same era as the Starwars and clones there was 2 machines. One was called It's Amazing, the other Pacman.

In true Barcrest fashion back then, they both had a trick!

If you could do your skills then these were great!

The trick was simple. If the machine is boarding you would play £40 through, usually on £1. This would unlock the feature Cash Climber 'RED'. This was a skill shot which got progressively faster. Once £40 through, I would get on 50p and get that feature red. Every time you got a trail held, it would upgrade cash and features red. As soon as Cash Climber was red you'd take your board and it would land that feature!

Now, you have skilled up to £70, happy days! Back to £1 and see if the machine is still putting you on the feature board. What's that? It is?! Well that'll be £40 back again and then repeat the process.

And again...... and again....... and........ what's this? The machine is not boarding now? That's right. You could get these machine wanting upwards of £70 just to put you on the feature, which in turn would offer not alot to say the least!

Really good fun playing these back then. Was quite a few about too!

Anyway, here's,


It's quite funny. The video was uploaded 2 years ago. This machine is still about! I know where it is now!

It's Amazing.

Amazing was slightly better. The skill appeared to be just a little bit slower on Amazings. Pacmans seemed faster for sure.

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