Saturday, 21 February 2009

One of the all time greatest fruit machines? Pyramid!

Back in the day Electrocoin made several really good feature game fruit machines. They are amoung some of the best fruit machines ever to hit arcades.

One came up on ebay a while back, only a few miles from me so had to buy it! Although it had a 5p stake and an £8 jackpot it still played fairly well. Originally it was on 20p play with a £6 jackpot and it played so well on the set up.

On the very inside layer the Black Hole would nearly always kill you off. There was a half decent feature there called Win Series which went like this!

My favortie feature was SkillClimb. Very easy to obtain and red sevens were reachable and sometimes a jackpot, not in this case though :-)

As you can see from the clip below, the whole theme along with the sound effects worked so well. There was really so much going on. You see the reel skill feature at the end of the clip. Jackpot was a big no no on this feature but it would happily not jump on red sevens.

Spot a Win was very hit and miss, never really took it when playing in an arcade. Saw it give too many low wins! There was so many better features to go for like skill climb, reel skill, pick a win or nudge time.

Overall, great machine with a fantastic jackpot tune!

I would certaily buy another if it had a better stake/jackpot ratio!

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