Friday, 27 February 2009

Project Coin - The Roll and a into to Emulation.

This machine was so good back in the day. Such a shame machines aren't made like this any more. Also, shame there's hardly any about these days.

However, a year or so ago I found one!

The clip below is just your typical machine play, not much going on but keeping you interested enough to keep going.

When you got the feature (getting 3 roll symobls on the winline) there was always the possibility that the machine would climb all the way up the cash wins, and sometime doing it more than once!

Overall, great game, great sounds. Such a shame there's none about anymore.

This is where emulation is your best friend!

You can goto a website called Here you can download emulators and user created machines and play them on your PC! They are just like the real thing. They actually run the machines game rom and sound cards. The machine thinks it's running but it is in fact running on a computer screen!

They are very easy to run. Even easier to get it all set up and costs nothing at all, not a single penny!

For now, here's a clip of Barcrests Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!. This classic layout was created by myself! There is also a DX version created by other users and all a freely avaliable to download via the above website.

Just to add, a classic layout has no graphics. The only graphic will be the reels and sometimes a wintable. A DX is a classic but with complete graphic lamps. It's not overly complicated to put either a classic or DX together. If you know you photoshop or paint shop pro softwares then to be fair it's all straight forward. Classics are a bit more tricky but nearly all machines that do run have a classic. There's always a need for hi res photos or flyers or in the best case machine glass scans. If you have any of these or can get some then please get in touch with me here!

Anyway, onto the video.

As you can see, although it's a classic it does in fact look quite like the machine. Laid out the same and all that. Notice how the sounds sound like the real machine, it plays like the real thing, hell, it may aswell be the real thing apart from the 120kgs of weight that goes with it!

This is one of thousands of emulated machines and that's not joke. If I asked you to think of an old machine i'd say there's a 90% chance it runs on your PC!

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